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3. Web-Erfa Smart Information: Intelligent Information Management - Smart, consistent, collaborative

Global value chains from development to manufacturing and supply chains present companies with enormous challenges. With the management and distribution of documents, such complex information flows and communication processes can no longer be mastered. Leading manufacturers and suppliers are therefore increasingly relying on intelligent information management (IIM).

IIM solutions directly access information from existing systems and documents and link and publish them role-specific in the form of technical data packages (TDP). This is the only way to enable end-to-end processes in the context of Industry 4.0, Digital Thread and Model Based Enterprise (MBE) and lead to significant increases in efficiency.

After an introduction to MBE, the use of IIM will be presented and discussed using a practical use case.

Using the IIM solution Anark Core and Anark MBEWeb as examples, a live demonstration of the application of IIM in development, manufacturing and assembly will also be presented.

Automated publishing technology and IIM solutions make a decisive contribution to the consistency and digitalization of process chains and product documentation throughout the entire life cycle. On the basis of 3D PDF and web technologies, all process participants, inside and outside of product development, are integrated into the digital value stream. Multiple data entries in the design department and multiple preparation of information in other areas (e.g. production, quality assurance, purchasing) are avoided, as all participants contribute exactly that information and link and process it with that product data.

With IIM, technical information reaches the recipient faster and achieves higher quality in development and production with significant cost savings. Lay the foundation for the successful implementation of your digitization strategy with the use of integrated information management by linking and using technical information. We look forward to intensive discussions among the participants.


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