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Mechanical Engineering at Campus Horb cooperates with the VDMA - Start of the nacelle transfer project
Developing teaching with an external view: This is what the Faculty of Engineering at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University has set itself the goal of doing.

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Developing teaching with an external view: This is what the Faculty of Engineering at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University has set itself the goal of doing.
Products change. They are becoming more complex, more diverse and more and more frequently "rethought". Life is becoming more digital, leading to changes in the economy and society. The same applies to the job profiles in the engineering fields of electrical and mechanical engineering, which must be considered more interdisciplinary than ever.
The VDMA and its member companies support the vocational training of young Africans in several countries. Patron of the initiative "Skilled workers for Africa" is Elke Büdenbender. The wife of the German President met with the VDMA for an open discussion about opportunities and challenges on the African continent.
Working in mechanical and plant engineering is particularly attractive. Compared to the rest of the industry, it is characterized by demanding tasks, a high level of responsibility and good pay.
How do you use a saw? How to calculate the area of a rectangle? Many trainees are at a loss here. "Technology" as a school subject exists in only a few federal states. What do mechanical engineers do to compensate for the deficits?
For what reasons do companies participate in the dual study programme and how widespread is it? How satisfied are the companies with the cooperation with universities? And what hurdles do companies that do not yet offer a dual study programme see?
Recruiting young talent and recruiting despite contact restrictions - no easy task. Take advantage of free support from the VDMA! Use TALENTMASCHINE - the young talent portal for mechanical engineering with integrated job exchange. Attractive advantages await VDMA members.
62 percent of the companies offer a dual course of study Junior staff remain predominantly in the company providing training Survey of around 550 companies provides industry-specific figures for the first time
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IHK examinations postponed. Vocational schools closed. What companies can do.
Eligible to apply are SMEs that are significantly affected by the COVID 19 crisis. What else is there to consider?
Current member survey confirms high value of vocational training: in 2020, an average of 85% of trainees were taken on after graduation.
What is actually happening in the field of artificial intelligence? Where is mechanical engineering currently positioned, what are the changes and what do they mean for modern working and the workforce?
Does the pandemic change the job market for young people? Do young people have to fear for their chances? The VDMA wanted to know more about this for the mechanical and plant engineering industry and surveyed its members.
Special situations require special solutions: Our 19th exchange of experience of the VDMA initiative "Maschinenhaus" took place for the first time in a digital format due to the current circumstances. The web conference focused on the topic "Innovative teaching concepts for industry 4.0 - the winners of the VDMA university prize 'Best nacelle 2019'".
The number of Covid19 cases continues to rise in Africa as well. The ongoing training and education courses of the VDMA initiative are therefore currently being continued via "distance learning". Further training courses have been paused for the time being until further notice. Many African countries have already introduced relevant measures, which also affect the international economy and international trade partnerships with African countries. Below is an overview of helpful sources of information on the developments of Covid 19 in Africa.
The ERFA Maschinenhaus offers interested university and company representatives a platform for exchange. The focus topic on 12 May is "Innovative teaching concepts for industry 4.0 - the winners of the VDMA University Award for Best Machine House 2019".
On 16.03.2020 Elke Büdenbender officially took over the patronage for the VDMA initiative "Skilled Workers for Africa" during a meeting in Bellevue Castle
13 VDMA member companies took part in the business initiation trip to Ethiopia from 10 to 13 February 2020 initiated by the Association. During the B2B talks, the factory visits and the symposium in Addis Ababa, there were signs of increased investment in finishing.
On February 3, 2020, the first run of the "Mechatronics Technician" training program started at the CITF Training Center in Botswana as part of the "Skilled Workers for Africa" initiative
Analysis of 1700 questionnaires shows deficits in specialist knowledge about industry 4.0 Universities must develop curricula for industry 4.0 Employees must be prepared for digital change through further training strategies
The VDMA Services GmbH is organizing the fourth exchange of experience in Kenya in February 2020.
Using influencers to recruit young people - but how? The VDMA is currently gathering initial experience with its YouTube campaign.
In Spring of 2020, the "Nachwuchsstiftung Maschinenbau", a foundation supported by the VDMA e.V., will open the new premises of the training centre in Obajana, Nigeria, together with its Nigerian partner "Aliko Dangote Foundation". The final preparations are in full swing.
Your help is needed - let us know your figures on dual studies by 31 January 2020! Companies that do not yet offer a dual study programme are also invited to participate.
From November 17th to November 21st 2019, the second makeathon on the African continent took place with the SMART GREEN BOTSWANA MAKEATHON
In November 2019, the VDMA welcomed a delegation from Botswana within its initiative "Skilled Workers for Africa"
Mechanical and plant engineering continues to set new records for engineering employment. This is shown by the new VDMA engineering survey, which is carried out every three years.
Developing new ideas for teaching together with an external perspective: On 12 November 2019, the nacelle transfer project of the Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau (VDMA - German Engineering Federation) will start in cooperation with the mechanical engineering course at Hof University of Applied Sciences.
Mainfranken has the best German "Maschinenhaus": The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Würzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences has won the fourth VDMA University Award. A total of 125,000 euros in prize money was distributed.
Universities are important players in helping to shape digital change. But the universities are also part of the change process. So what will higher education look like in the future? On 29 October 2019, around 45 representatives from universities and companies discussed this topic in the run-up to the award ceremony.
The jury has decided: Four universities will have the chance to be named "Best Machine House 2019" at the award ceremony on 29 October 2019 in Berlin. You are already guaranteed 20,000 euros in prize money.
Today, technical knowledge is a fundamental component of general education. However, a comprehensive analysis of the curricula at general schools, which the VDMA has carried out in all the federal states, shows that the curricula of general education are not the same: The vast majority of young people can finish school without ever coming into contact with a proven technical education.
The number of employees has been increasing for years - what about the engineering quota? Statistics from the Federal Employment Agency are not sufficient here. Your numbers are still in demand and important until 15.09!
The mechanical engineering sector continues to have a high training rate compared with the man-ufacturing sector. However, more and more vocational training places remain vacant.
Training year 2019 starts with 34,000 vacancies in mechanical engineering VDMA members particularly committed to young talent
This is the fourth time that the VDMA has awarded a university prize for good teaching as part of its initiative "Maschinenhaus - Platform for Innovative Teaching". The award ceremony for the "Best Machine House 2019" will take place this year on 29 October in Berlin.
Appeal to the universities: Change process must be given top priority - Rapid adaptation of curricula and better teaching equipment necessary
After the successful pilot project with the study course mechanical engineering of the HTW Berlin, now three further study courses with support of the federation want to set the correct course for the future.
Interdisciplinary teaching will become increasingly important in the engineering sciences in the future due to Industry 4.0. On 13 June 2019, around 45 representatives from universities and companies discussed the framework conditions that are necessary and the challenges that interdisciplinary teaching entails.
From the point of view of the VDMA, the resolution of 6 June on the continuation of the science pacts by the heads of government of the federal and state governments is an important political signal for the importance of higher education teaching. However, the science pacts are still a long way from achieving equivalence between research and teaching: the scope of funding for teaching remains far behind that of research.
The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Engineering at Coburg University of Applied Sciences wants to set the course for the future with the support of the association and thus meet the challenges of digitisation.
The Faculty of Industrial Technologies of the Tuttlingen campus of the Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences successfully completes the nacelle transfer project in cooperation with the VDMA.
Machinery house transfer project starts at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences. What impact does the technological upheaval have on engineering education? The Koblenz University of Applied Sciences and the VDMA are jointly finding and discussing sustainable ideas for teaching in mechanical engineering and information technology.
Frankfurt am Main/Mannheim, April 24, 2019 - On April 24, 2019, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences will hold its kick-off workshop for the nacelle transfer project of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA).
In the competition for young talent, mechanical engineering has a major disadvantage: pupils often do not know our apprenticeships. Somebody has to tell them about this. Why not your trainee? The VDMA offers the appropriate training.
Invitation to the conference and a tour of the "Innovation Center" of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG; June 24/25, 2019, Heidelberg
Study of the IMPULS Foundation on Engineering Education for Industry 4.0
Fewer and fewer young people are interested in vocational training. More and more training places remain vacant. Today, companies have to recruit junior trainees at an early stage. The VDMA's new "Guide for the Promotion of Young Talent" shows how this can be done.
During the German-African Business Summit, which took place from 11 to 13 February 2019 in the Ghanaian capital Accra, Federal Development Minister Dr. Gerd Müller presented the "German Entrepreneur Award for Development" to HAWE Hydraulic SE.
As part of the initiative "Maschinenhaus - Plattform für innovative Lehre", we offer as a prize the 4th VDMA University Prize. With this award we would like to honour outstanding teaching concepts which stand for more academic success and thus set an example for the importance of teaching.
On Thursday in Tübingen, in the presence of the Minister President of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann, the Young Mechanical Engineers Foundation was officially presented at an official opening ceremony attended by more than 100 invited guests from industry, politics and science.
Study by the IMPULS Foundation for Engineering Education for Industry 4.0 develops the first target profile for engineers in industry 4.0 Appeal to universities: Making teaching more interdisciplinary New competencies: Computer Science, Data Science and Data Security
Interdisciplinary competences, also called key competences, are an important part of the qualification goals of study programmes and are currently gaining in importance due to Industry 4.0. On 6 December 2018, around 40 university representatives and company representatives took part in the "Maschinenhaus" experience exchange to discuss and debate these.
Despite (still) rising student numbers in computer science, the high drop-out rates are a cause for concern. In order to meet the demand for IT specialists in industry 4.0, the quality of teaching must be further improved. The VDMA nacelle initiative is committed to this and will include the field of computer science in the next project phase.
The next exchange of experience for university representatives will take place on 6 December 2018 at the VDMA in Frankfurt.
Mechanical engineering industry supports the development of sustainable economic structures - Only 2 percent of machine exports go to Africa
"Germany is the technology leader on the international markets and intends to remain so. Therefore, there is an urgent need for action on the part of education policy in digitizing our schools," comments Jörg Friedrich, head of the VDMA Education Department, on the results of the latest education monitor of the Cologne Institute of the German Economy (IW).
Industry 4.0 fundamentally changes the machine and plant construction industry. So what impact will Industry 4.0 have on engineering studies in the future? On June 25, 2018, around 50 university representatives took part in the "Maschinenhaus" exchange of experience to discuss and debate this.
In Africa, especially in Kenya, Nigeria and Botswana, the VDMA is currently implementing its "Skilled Workers for Africa" initiative, which was launched by former VDMA President Dr. Reinhold Festge and Federal Minister Gerd Müller. The German Agency for Economic Affairs & Development (AWE) spoke with the current VDMA President Carl Martin Welcker about how the qualification of local staff prepares the ground for investments by German mechanical and plant engineering companies.
Für seine Initiative „Fachkräfte für Afrika“ hat der VDMA jüngst einen wichtigen lokalen Partner, die Kenya Association of Manufacturers,als Mitstreiter gewonnen.
Math is a polarizing subject. Some pupils like it, many experience failures here. Teachers fight for access to their students in math classes. The VDMA is helping with an exciting project.
In February 2018, the first training courses of VDMA’s technical vocational training project in Kenya will start. VDMA is implementing these courses in Kenya within the framework of its “Skilled Workers for Africa” Initiative. Following the successful project Kick-off event in October 2017, VDMA and its local partner training center - Centurion Systems Limited - presented the training program at a Stakeholder workshop in Nairobi.
What moves the VDMA member companies when it comes to questions of young talent? With a large-scale telephone campaign, the VDMA talks to 1,000 personnel and training managers about the lack of junior staff and possible counter-strategies.
VDMA publishes new brochure "Young talent for mechanical engineering
In many places, traditional measures are no longer sufficient to secure the future of young people. New approaches are needed. Our Best Practice Collection provides fresh ideas.
Did you know that YouTube is the number two search engine? Young people are responsible for this: they use the platform more and more to inform themselves. This can be used to attract young people.
The largest German industry association VDMA and the Kenyan technology service provider Centurion have launched a joint project to support the Kenyan food processing industry by providing training and sharing expert advice and experience.
Now available for download: Second extended edition of the Industry 4.0 Platform Guide
It is difficult to get young people in the digital age enthusiastic about technical professions. So how to draw the attention of young people to mechanical and plant engineering? With the idols of the present, for example.
Hamburg is home to the best German "machine house": The Department of Information and Electrical Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science at HAW Hamburg won the third VDMA University Award. The nacelle prize is endowed with 100,000 euros.
If you want to address young people as an employer, you should also speak their language if possible. At Phoenix Contact, trainees are therefore responsible for marketing young people on Facebook.
What does an industrial mechanic or a mechatronics technician actually do? Why is technical training fun and who is it suitable for? Questions that trainees themselves can best answer.
90% of the "Generation Z", uses the smartphone to access the Internet. This changes the requirements for recruiters massively. is therefore now available on mobile phones.
Internships, company visits, participation in project weeks, job presentations or job application training: there are many ways in which companies and schools can work together. Dr. Hans-Jürgen König, Director of Studies at the Kaiserin-Friedrich-Gymnasium in Bad Homburg, recommends that companies rely above all on personal relationships.
The jury of the VDMA University Award 2017 consists of 20 jurors from science and universities, companies, associations and initiatives as well as politics.
Insights into company practice are a valuable building block in career orientation for school students - and student internships for companies have been a proven instrument for recruiting young talent for many years.
More and more companies are looking at dropouts as a target group for dual training. Atlas Copco Energas GmbH has already gone further.
Parents play a key role in the career choices of young people. What many trainers may have known for a long time as a perceived truth, can now also be proven by numerous surveys and studies.
The number of pupils is declining for demographic reasons. At the same time, the trend towards academisation is continuing: Studying is in - trainees are becoming scarcer. Together with the IMPULS Foundation, the VDMA now wants to get to the bottom of this development.
Julia Jaekel
Julia Jaekel
Team Assistant VDMA Education Policy
Technology lessons in Germany
He heard quiet footsteps behind him. That didn't mean anything good. Who would follow him, late at night and in this narrow alleyway in the middle of the badly smeared harbour district? Just now, when he had done the thing of his life and wanted to disappear with the booty! Did one of his countless colleagues have diesel
Dual studies: a successful model in mechanical engineering
62 percent of the companies offer a dual course of study Junior staff remain predominantly in the company providing training Survey of around 550 companies provides industry-specific figures for the first time
Opening and closing times of schools & daycare centres due to Corona
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Number of mechanical engineers at record level
Mechanical and plant engineering continues to set new records for engineering employment. This is shown by the new VDMA engineering survey, which is carried out every three years.
The Institute of Mechanical Engineering - Your partner for professional development
For more than 40 years, the VDMA's Institute of Mechanical Engineering has been a partner for the professional development of specialists and managers in mechanical and plant engineering.