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Industry 4.0 is a Chancenthema for mechanical and plant engineering. The digital vision is increasingly becoming industrial reality in production, products and services. New qualifications and skills are needed among engineers. For the IMPULS Foundation, there was nothing more obvious than to question those who are directly affected. Thus, for the first time, the "new" becomes concrete: with a "target profile engineers 4.0" from the perspective of the mechanical engineering industry.
The jury of the VDMA University Award 2017 consists of 20 jurors from science and universities, companies, associations and initiatives as well as politics.
Despite (still) rising student numbers in computer science, the high drop-out rates are a cause for concern. In order to meet the demand for IT specialists in industry 4.0, the quality of teaching must be further improved. The VDMA nacelle initiative is committed to this and will include the field of computer science in the next project phase.
The “Maschinenhaus – the campus for engineers” is VDMA’s initiative for increasing student success in engineering degree programs.
Based on a close cooperation with the Botswana Ministry of Education, we are paving the way for technical vocational education and training in the areas of control technology, hydraulics and mechatronics
In February 2018, the first training courses of VDMA’s technical vocational training project in Kenya will start. VDMA is implementing these courses in Kenya within the framework of its “Skilled Workers for Africa” Initiative. Following the successful project Kick-off event in October 2017, VDMA and its local partner training center - Centurion Systems Limited - presented the training program at a Stakeholder workshop in Nairobi.
The largest German industry association VDMA and the Kenyan technology service provider Centurion have launched a joint project to support the Kenyan food processing industry by providing training and sharing expert advice and experience.
The Maschinenhaus toolbox is a collection of materials and examples of how teaching at universities can be improved.
The core of the VDMA-Initiative is to offer technical vocational education and further training for skilled workers which is geared towards the needs of the local industry in cooperation with local partners, organizations and the private sector.
Capacity building with a vision: Collaboration with well established, locally rooted and highly networked local organizations is a key success factor of the VDMA-Initiative.
Interested companies can participate in the initiative in a variety of ways - for instance: by making use of the training program, by providing equipment or by organizing study tours or training the trainers / instructors.
Der VDMA engagiert sich für eine Ausgestaltung des Wissenschaftssystems gemäß den Anforderungen des Maschinen- und Anlagenbaus.
The VDMA maintains a diverse range of services and advice for its member companies, but also for universities and media representatives in the field of science policy and engineering studies. Here is an overview of our services for these three groups.
Für seine Initiative „Fachkräfte für Afrika“ hat der VDMA jüngst einen wichtigen lokalen Partner, die Kenya Association of Manufacturers,als Mitstreiter gewonnen.
The food market in Kenya is developing at a rapid pace. With a practice-oriented vocational education program and further technical training for the employees of the Kenyan food industry, VDMA- Initiative makes an important contribution to meeting the high demand for qualified skilled workers in this sector.
Together with the Dangote Group, VDMA is establishing a training center in Obajana, which focuses on technical vocational education and training in the fields of mechanics, electronics and mechatronics. The training is based on the German model of dual track education system.