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Working in mechanical and plant engineering is particularly attractive. Compared to the rest of the industry, it is characterized by demanding tasks, a high level of responsibility and good pay.
How do you use a saw? How to calculate the area of a rectangle? Many trainees are at a loss here. "Technology" as a school subject exists in only a few federal states. What do mechanical engineers do to compensate for the deficits?
Recruiting young talent and recruiting despite contact restrictions - no easy task. Take advantage of free support from the VDMA! Use TALENTMASCHINE - the young talent portal for mechanical engineering with integrated job exchange. Attractive advantages await VDMA members.
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IHK examinations postponed. Vocational schools closed. What companies can do.
Does the pandemic change the job market for young people? Do young people have to fear for their chances? The VDMA wanted to know more about this for the mechanical and plant engineering industry and surveyed its members.
Using influencers to recruit young people - but how? The VDMA is currently gathering initial experience with its YouTube campaign.
To ensure that vocational training remains a success story, the head of the VDMA training department, Dr. Jörg Friedrich, calls for strong investment in vocational schools.
The mechanical engineering sector continues to have a high training rate compared with the man-ufacturing sector. However, more and more vocational training places remain vacant.
Training year 2019 starts with 34,000 vacancies in mechanical engineering VDMA members particularly committed to young talent
In the competition for young talent, mechanical engineering has a major disadvantage: pupils often do not know our apprenticeships. Somebody has to tell them about this. Why not your trainee? The VDMA offers the appropriate training.
Fewer and fewer young people are interested in vocational training. More and more training places remain vacant. Today, companies have to recruit junior trainees at an early stage. The VDMA's new "Guide for the Promotion of Young Talent" shows how this can be done.
Math is a polarizing subject. Some pupils like it, many experience failures here. Teachers fight for access to their students in math classes. The VDMA is helping with an exciting project.
What moves the VDMA member companies when it comes to questions of young talent? With a large-scale telephone campaign, the VDMA talks to 1,000 personnel and training managers about the lack of junior staff and possible counter-strategies.
In many places, traditional measures are no longer sufficient to secure the future of young people. New approaches are needed. Our Best Practice Collection provides fresh ideas.
Did you know that YouTube is the number two search engine? Young people are responsible for this: they use the platform more and more to inform themselves. This can be used to attract young people.
It is difficult to get young people in the digital age enthusiastic about technical professions. So how to draw the attention of young people to mechanical and plant engineering? With the idols of the present, for example.
If you want to address young people as an employer, you should also speak their language if possible. At Phoenix Contact, trainees are therefore responsible for marketing young people on Facebook.
What does an industrial mechanic or a mechatronics technician actually do? Why is technical training fun and who is it suitable for? Questions that trainees themselves can best answer.
90% of the "Generation Z", uses the smartphone to access the Internet. This changes the requirements for recruiters massively. is therefore now available on mobile phones.
Internships, company visits, participation in project weeks, job presentations or job application training: there are many ways in which companies and schools can work together. Dr. Hans-Jürgen König, Director of Studies at the Kaiserin-Friedrich-Gymnasium in Bad Homburg, recommends that companies rely above all on personal relationships.
Insights into company practice are a valuable building block in career orientation for school students - and student internships for companies have been a proven instrument for recruiting young talent for many years.
More and more companies are looking at dropouts as a target group for dual training. Atlas Copco Energas GmbH has already gone further.
Parents play a key role in the career choices of young people. What many trainers may have known for a long time as a perceived truth, can now also be proven by numerous surveys and studies.
The number of pupils is declining for demographic reasons. At the same time, the trend towards academisation is continuing: Studying is in - trainees are becoming scarcer. Together with the IMPULS Foundation, the VDMA now wants to get to the bottom of this development.
Julia Jaekel
Julia Jaekel
Team Assistant VDMA Education Policy
Technology lessons in Germany
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How do you use a saw? How to calculate the area of a rectangle? Many trainees are at a loss here. "Technology" as a school subject exists in only a few federal states. What do mechanical engineers do to compensate for the deficits?